Collection: Durbanville Hills

Historic Wineries Break New Ground: The Durbanville Hills Winery was designed and built as a joint venture with one goal in mind: to produce a premium wine from premium grapes. "The story of a great wine begins with the conversations it sparks long before it even exists. Such a wine tells the story of the vineyard, the grapes and the special touch of the winemaker. Durbanville Hills is a book full of such wine stories, who confidently and proudly embody their origins."

Blick auf das Weingut Drubanville Hills im Abendlicht, im Hintergrund ist die Silhouette des Tafelbergs

Cozy Time - Your wine for cold days

White | Weißwein

White | White wine

"All white wines taste the same!" "White wine is for beginners!" INCORRECT!...