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Simonsberg, Stellenbosch


"It may be admirable to make a wine that can last for a generation . But it is important to preserve our environment so that it will outlast us all ."

Cultivation Info

Size: 150 ha
Floors: various; depending on the slope (e.g. loam, clay, gravel)
Altitude: 240m - 360m above sea level NN

Thanks to the cooling factors of altitude and sea breezes, as well as a variety of slopes, aspects and soil types, Warwick's vineyards are a blend of classic Bordeaux varietals with touches of South African classics such as Pinotage and old Chenin Blanc vines. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most commonly planted variety, accounting for a quarter of the area under vines. Sauvignon Blanc follows close behind, and in third place is Cabernet Franc. There are a total of nine grape varieties, with the red varieties accounting for two-thirds of the area under cultivation.

Winemakers & team

Cellar Master: JD Pretorius
CEO: Christiana von Armin

Warwick carries a legacy of both innovation and tradition. The team works continuously to combine the traditional parameters with their own sustainable vision of the future.

Girl Power & James Bond

The history of the Warwick Estate began when the first title deed to the land was issued in 1771. For nearly 200 years it was a prolific fruit farm , catering to world explorers, sailors and pioneers stopping off at the Cape on their sea voyages.

In 1964, an extraordinary woman took the stage: Canadian Norma Ratcliffe and her family started growing wine on the property. As a career changer, she was initially ridiculed in South Africa's male-dominated wine scene, but within 20 years she made a name for herself as one of the first female winemakers and " First Lady of the Cape ". Her legacy is immortalized today in the Warwick series First Lady.

Norma wasn't just a visionary when it came to making fine wines; her excellent understanding and marketing skills changed the way people saw Warwick back then and made the label the internationally recognized brand it is today.

In addition to the "First Lady" series, there is also a cuvée (the first Cape Blend ever bottled) made from Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc: The " Three Cape Ladies ". This refers to Norma herself, as well as her daughter and granddaughter, who all embody Warwick's values: pioneering spirit, resilience and passion.

The latter in particular also seems to speak for the fact that in the James Bond novel
" 007 - Carte Blanche " from 2011 exactly this Warwick wine has its big appearance:

"... a wine bottle appeared from her shoulder bag – vintage Three Cape
Ladies, a red blend from Muldersvlei on the Cape. Bond knew it
reputation. He took out the cork and poured.
They sat on the sofa and sipped. " Wonderful ," he said."

  • Alte Aufnahme von Nora im Weinkeller

    Norma at work - a woman who tackles!

  • 2 junge Männer auf Wein-Safari

    Warwick even offers safaris through the vineyards - on the trail of the "Big Five" grape varieties!

  • Kellermeister bei Warwick: JD Pretorius

    Cellar master and winemaker JD Pretorius has everything under control

Wines from the Warwick Estate

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