.... the idea of ​​bottled., wineries, semester abroad in Stellenbosch, wine experiences ...
and me. In reverse order :) Enjoy reading!

  • Portrait von der Gründerin von bottled. South African Wine & Soul: Sabrina
  • Howzit? (i.e. "how are you?" as you are greeted on every corner in South Africa). I'm Sabrina and I've bottled. SOUTH AFRICAN WINE & SOUL established in early 2023.

    I used to really want to move away after school and as quickly as possible: variety, adventure, new people... somewhere with more going on.

    And now? I live and work happily and contently in the heart of the Ruhr area, and for me it's one of the coolest places there is - real love of home! I still have wanderlust: That's why we always saved for the next trip to discover our beautiful world. It doesn't matter whether it's during training, studies or now at work... I mostly plan backpacking adventure trips!

  • Who doesn't know it: It starts with super sweet Asti Spumante, then at some point comes sparkling Hugo, Wildberry Lillet, maybe a white wine spritzer - and from now on you're on the move in the world of wines... that's how I felt at least.

    Only white wine, of course, "red wine gives you a headache right away and it's always so furry." ;)

    During training and studies you try things out, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay... sometimes from the supermarket, sometimes from the discount store, sometimes given as a gift from grandma and sometimes even from the wine shop.

    Exactly with this prior knowledge I started my semester abroad in 2018... and now guess where....

  • Freunde beim Anstoßen mit Wein in lockerer Party-Athmosphäre

Did you say "wine"? Here you go directly to the shop !

  • Blick auf den Street Soiree in Stellenbosch, ein Straßenfest mit vielen Winzern
  • How beautiful is that here?!

    I thought that more than once during my time in South Africa. I can't help but get excited:

    My half year in Stellenbosch was one of the best experiences of my life so far. ♥

    No matter how tough college was (and it really was!), I would do this step over and over again! The people I got to know, new friendships, nature, the weather, the lifestyle, hiking right from the front door, sundowners on Lions Head and dinner in Cape Town... I could go on like this forever...

    And of course: the wine.
    I rediscovered it for myself.

  • Imagine you are sitting with your friends on a small terrace, it is a pleasant 28°C and a bright blue sky. A light breeze blows around your nose and you hear the rustling of the leaves from the pasture next to you. You look at the mountain massif in the distance: Table Mountain.

    You take off your sunglasses, because the wine tasting starts: After a sparkling aperitif (of course an MCC: Méthode Cap Classique, the South African variant of champagne), there is now a perfectly chilled white wine. The friendly waiter will briefly introduce you to the wine, grape variety, growing area, special features, colour, smell and taste. Then she pours you a generous sample into your wine glass...

    The life is wonderful, is not it?
    Believe me, such moments in Stellies are unforgettable!

  • Freundinnen genießen ein Brunch im Hof eines südafrikanischen Weinguts

Does reading make you want more? I have something for you!

  • Atemberaubender Blick auf den Tafelberg und Lions Head im Abendlicht
  • In almost 7 months I learned an incredible amount about South African wines. Suddenly I didn't just like red wine, I was captivated by the stories of the individual wines: old vines, locations, sun, sea air and wind...

    Add to that the unique flair, the relaxed atmosphere and good mood, the positive people and the cultural diversity - I had never experienced anything like this at home in Germany. And I missed it.

    As soon as I got home, I wanted to go back. After another trip to South Africa, I made up my mind: I want to bring that South African feeling home and share it with others.

    With a good glass of wine. With friends. With you.

    bottled. South African Wine & Soul is born!

  • With bottled. On the one hand I would like to share my absolute favorite wines with you, on the other hand you too
    give away a piece of South Africa :
    A little escape from everyday life, a few sunny moments , a bit of wanderlust and a smile on your face...

    Every wine in the shop is handpicked and made by

    Produced by top winegrowers with the best growing conditions - the wines are really delicious!

    At the same time, there are very special stories behind the wines and wineries, which you can read here:

    Learn more 
  • Eine junge Frau gießt Rotwein in ein Glas, im Hintergrund der Lions Head bei Sonnenuntergang