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Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch


"As a historic winery with roots dating back to 1692 , we are synonymous with old world charm and rich Cape heritage . Every visit is like a mini journey back in time to the home of the world's first bottled Pinotage . We develop We continually expand our range to maintain the excellent quality that Lanzerac has become known for."

Cultivation Info

Size: 162 ha
Soils: red clay, rich Tukulu soils
Height: 100m - 480m above sea level NN

Most of the Jonkershoek Valley has been designated as a nature reserve
designated and is characterized by its fynbos vegetation, scenic hiking trails and waterfalls. But that's not all: the entrance to the valley is perfect for viticulture. The south-facing slopes are noticeably cooler than the surrounding Stellenbosch region; a
Constant south-easterly winds cause significant winds in the summer months
Cooling of the vineyards. On the one hand, this minimizes vine diseases; At the same time, these circumstances affect the growth of the berries, which are significantly smaller and occur in smaller quantities. This has a positive effect on the taste because the berries are particularly aromatic. 60% of the area is planted with red wine grapes, primarily
Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage. When it comes to white wine varieties, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are most represented. The vineyards are irrigated via three dams fed by rain and mountain streams.

Winemakers & team

Cellar Master: Wynand Lategan
Vineyard Manager: Philip Le Roux

When Wynand began working on the estate, he replanted the vineyards and remodeled the wine cellar to represent a more modern style of winemaking.

Thanks to this modernization and openness to new things, Lanzerac became one of the pioneers in the cultivation of noble white grape varieties over time. It goes without saying that the wines have received recognition locally and internationally and Lanzerac lives up to its heritage.

The home of Pinotage

Lanzerac is truly a landmark in and around Stellenbosch: This is partly due to its age, as the property dates back to 1692, making it the third oldest wine farm in the area. On the other hand, Lanzerac also deserves its reputation as an icon thanks to its excellent wines and its special Pinotage history.

Let's start with the story: Only 13 years after the town of Stellenbosch itself was founded, Isaac Schrijver received 17 hectares of land from the governor Simon van der Stel (<- fun fact: hence the name STEL-lenbosch of course) that he also gave directly planted with vines. He named his wine farm "Schoongezicht" - i.e. beautiful view, which fits perfectly with the still breathtaking landscape and nature in the middle of the Jonkershoek Valley. The old farm has been renovated and expanded over the years, with the iconic Manor House from 1830 with its gable being a highlight of Cape Dutch architecture - and which still stands today.

In 1920, a woman, Elizabeth Catherina "Kitty" English, purchased the Schoongezicht wine farm and initiated fundamental changes, starting with a name change: Schoongezicht became Lanzerac. As is so often the case (take a look at the history of the wineries here), love was again involved, as rumor had it that Mrs. English had named the winery after the French general Charles Lanzerac... It wasn't just the name that was new , but in her 9 years as owner, Mrs. English transformed the property into one of the most modern wineries on the Cape, laying the foundation for the world-famous wines of Stellenbosch.

In the following years, part of the property was transformed into a hotel, and at the same time the wine cellars were further expanded with the aim of bringing the infrastructure and service to today's luxury level.

Let's get to the wine story, which is at least as exciting! As already mentioned, viticulture has played an increasing role on the estate since Mrs. English, as she was the one who bottled the first Lanzerac wine from her own vines. Around the same time, in 1925, something extraordinary also happened at the University of Stellenbosch: Professor Abraham Izak Perold successfully crossed the Pinot Noir and Hermitage grape varieties (now known as Cinsault) and created South Africa's first native wine grape variety: Pinotage.

Lanzerac (then marketed as Stellebosch Farmers Winery) was the first winery in the world to bottle and sell wines as "Pinotage". It was the Lanzerac Pinotage Vintage 1959. This visionary release marked the birth of Pinotage as a unique variety in South Africa.

A little homage to Pinotage: "Firstly, it is an exciting and very expressive variety to work with. Secondly, our Jonkershoek terroir, with its perfect balance between warm and cool climates, is ideal for growing Pinotage. And thirdly, tells "Pinotage has its own South African history. It is the wine that foreign visitors want to try (...)." - So come on, what are you waiting for? ♥

  • Das original Haupthaus aus dem Jahr 1830 mit dem wunderschönen historischen Dachgiebel

    The 1830 Manor House - old world charm in Cape Dutch style

  • Blick von oben auf das Weingut Lanzerac umgeben von den sanften Hügeln und Weinbergen Stellenboschs

    Lanzerac from above: Beautifully located in the Jonkerhoek Valley: dramatic mountain scenery, old oak trees and lots of vineyards!

  • Winzer Wynard prüft einen Weinstock im Weinberg

    Cellar master Wynand came to wine as a career changer: he was a journalist before training to be a winemaker.

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