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Why South Africa?

First of all: Yes, there are wonderful German wines and growing areas
great craftsmanship and innovative winemakers.

BUT: South Africa! Table Mountain, sea, nature, being outside, sun, beach, penguins, street soirees, diversity, colourful, happy, multicultural, Cape of Good Hope, safari, vineyards, wine estates, joie de vivre, pleasure...

To share a few impressions - because that's what bottled is all about. I want the lightness and joie de vivre that I experienced in South Africa
into our everyday life - whether for wine lovers, connoisseurs or newcomers.

The wines that I present here are of course handpicked and personally selected; from my favorite wineries and regions in South Africa with a special focus on Stellenbosch, because I feel a special connection to it.

summer highlights

Is it getting colder and more uncomfortable outside? Into the warmth with you! Make yourself cozy at home! You have the choice: finally read again, listen to your favorite music, have a wellness evening in the bathtub, cook with your favorite people... plus a few candles or even a fireplace... how wonderful! Of course, the autumn colors or the first snow outside also invite you to take a long walk, preferably snuggled up with a thick scarf. But no matter whether as a “reward” after a round in the fresh, cold air, as an accompaniment to the bathtub or as a highlight during a cooking evening: with bottled. you will find the right wine for your cozy time ♥
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Wines from the Cape for sun in the glass...

Red | red wine

"Red wine is something for the winter!" "Red wine is always so...