Lievland Vineyards


growing area

Simonsberg, Stellenbosch


"South African wines are often referred to as 'new world', but given the long history of winemaking in the Cape, it is perhaps more accurate to say that we embody the perfect balance between new and old world styles. At Lievland Vineyards we are fortunate "To be able to grow on a prime Stellenbosch terroir . We use classic varietals and craft our wines in a traditional way , seeking the optimal balance between old-world elegance and new-world fruity freshness ."

Cultivation Info

Size: 110 ha (of which approx. 60 ha are vineyards)
Altitude: 180m - 450m above sea level NN
Soils: Clayey, decomposed granite soils
Storage capacity: 300t, plus our own vinotheque with over 9,000 bottles
Orientation: South, West, North

Special feature: Mainly as a traditional bushvine ("bush rebstock") without trellis training

Lievland lies in a horseshoe-shaped valley on the north-western slope of the Simonsberg. The unique shape of this growing area creates a wide range of microclimates with south, west and north facing slopes and hills. The sheltered location makes for unusually cool conditions in Stellenbosch and offers protection from harsher southerly winds.

Winemakers & team

Owners: Tyrrel Myburgh and José Conde
Winemaker: Riaan Möller
Winegrower's assistant: Mahalia Kotjane

In 2017, the experienced winemakers José and Tyrrel fell in love with the somewhat overgrown property in the Stellenbosch wine region. With a lot of enthusiasm and attention to detail, they started the restoration of the old winery, built a new production facility with the associated cellar and set up a 10-year planting plan. The process for ecological certification is currently underway.

Two Horses and a "Bokkie"

How cute is that please: Imagine you are visiting an old, somewhat neglected winery, looking at wonderful nature and suddenly discovering this: A young pair of horses are grazing peacefully in the paddock across the way ... and in between is a springbok baby , the apparently adopted by the two horses without further ado... that's exactly what happened to current owners Tyrrel and José when they were looking for a property for their growing wine business at MAN Family Wines!

"If that isn't a sign!" - and today it is actually THE symbol , more precisely the logo of Lievland Vineyards: Amor, the god of love , rides on a springbok (" Bokkie "), the national animal of South Africa , and is reminiscent of the unusual four-legged family.

But there has always been a lot of love in the winery - and especially in the name: The history of the property began in 1715 when a lumberjack from the Dutch United East India Company (VOC) was awarded a huge piece of land, the Natte Vallei. Many years and several owners later the land was divided and the current property was sold in 1934 to Baron & Baroness Von Stiernhjem from Latvia who wanted to emigrate here. However, the baron died before the trip and so the widow Hendrika moved to South Africa alone with her 5 children and gave the wine farm her name: Lievland (= land of love ) ♥

Without much financial means and experience in agriculture and viticulture, but full of pioneering spirit , Hendrika was able to gradually achieve initial successes in viniculture and sales, also thanks to support from the neighbourhood! What started out as small doorstep sales ended up managing 70 hectares of vineyards , all of which she plowed and tended by horse .

Other wine visionaries followed: A winemaker (unique enough at the time) who first tried barrel fermentation on Chenin Blanc long before it became the standard. Or the wine virtuoso who made Lievland one of the top 5 Shiraz producers in Stellenbosch.

Unfortunately, the winery then fell into a slumber for more than ten years, until it was finally rediscovered by José and Tyrrel in 2017. The different locations, excellent, old vineyards and located directly on the "Golden Mile" of Stellenbosch, which is lined with several top wineries, offer a huge potential to let the winery shine again in its old glory !

  • Ein seltener Anblick: Zwei Pferde und ein Springbok als kleine Tierfamilie vom Weingut Lievland

    The "Two Horses and a Bokkie" logo inspiration: Did Cupid intentionally misjudge the arrow shot?

  • Das historische Weingut Lievland bei Sonnenuntergang am Fuße eines Bergs in Stellenbosch

    The original farm building from 1865 is now the Lievland Tasting Room.

  • Das Winzerteam von Lievland prüft die Qualität der Weinreben

    The winemaker team Mahalia and Riaan at work.

Wines from Lievland

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