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growing area

Banghoek Valley, Stellenbosch


A constant pursuit of perfection :

Owned by jeweler Laurence Graff OBE, Delaire Graff Estate winery is dedicated to beauty in its many forms. Similar to polishing a diamond to reveal its shine, Graff has transformed an extraordinary natural landscape into a world-class destination - known for its wine , hospitality , cuisine and collection of contemporary African art .

" Delaire means 'from heaven' and the wines we make here are an invitation to enjoy this unique piece of heaven on earth in Stellenbosch."

Cultivation Info

Size: 17.5 ha
Soils: decomposed granite, rich red clay soil, oakleaf and tukulu
Height: 350m - 560m above sea level NN
Annual rainfall: 900mm

Located on the ridge of the beautiful Helshoogte Pass, the combination of mountain and maritime influences at Delaire Graff produces richer, more flavorful grapes and finely nuanced wines.

Originally planted in the 1980s by South Africa's most influential wine critics, John and Erica Platter, the vineyards that Laurence Graff acquired in 2003 were still diamonds in the rough with potential. Because both below ground (thanks to the old decomposed granite and clay soils) and above ground (high slopes of Botmanskop Peak, which offer a cooler climate) the location was perfect for first-class viticulture.

After a seven-year transformation that incorporated the latest knowledge in modern viticulture with extensive soil studies and thermal mapping, the focus today is on precision viticulture. Each plot is planted with selected grape varieties based on individual climate and soil characteristics.

Thanks to Laurence Graff's vision, Delaire Graff not only offers world-class wines, but is home to two acclaimed restaurants and artfully designed luxury lodges.

Winemakers & team

Winemaker: Morné Vrey
Vineyard Manager: Kallie Fernhout

As stewards of the vineyards, Morné and Kallie and their team strive for excellence in every vintage, every bottle and every glass. Together they look after 17.5 hectares of Bordeaux and Chardonnay vines, which are harvested by hand.

"I have an ambitious but honest vision of winemaking: to preserve the purity of the excellent grapes without manipulating them too much. They are so full of flavor that we only use authentic processes - and that means we use the essence of the earth and our South African summers in every grape, every bottle and every glass. We strive for red wines with great structure, soft tannins and elegance and white wines that capture the freshness of the harvest." -Morne Vrey

Once a frightening wilderness, today the jewel of the Cape

As is well known, wine was very popular with the first settlers from the Cape and with passing sailors. After the first vines were planted on Table Mountain and on the hills of Constantia, the new commander of the Cape, Simon van der Stel, moved further inland in 1679, where the species-rich Cape Flats promised even better cultivation opportunities. The rich soils, protected climate and higher altitudes were a paradise for viticulture , and Stellenbosch - named after its intrepid founder - remains the center of the African wine industry today. Van der Stel was also clever enough to bring the Huguenots , who were fleeing their own wine-growing regions in France, to the Stellenbosch highlands. They brought French wine knowledge with them and founded the Franschhoek region - "French Corner".

While the vines grew and thrived, there was a big problem :
The transport of the finished wine back to the port of Cape Town. The fact that the journey took 4 days was only the least of the problems, as the path itself was much more difficult, leading over two dangerous passes and through real African wilderness . The first pass has the appropriate name " Helshoogte ", meaning Hell's Height: 7km the path winds around steep mountain walls and deep abysses, which proved fatal for some traders with their fully loaded wagons. Once this stage was overcome, came " Banghoek " (Bange Hoek), i.e. the terrible - fear & anxiety - corner: From up here there was a view of the valley to be crossed, where prides of lions , buffaloes, herds of elephants and rhinos roamed around...

Despite the many dangers, the first pioneers were successful. They laid the foundation for a wine industry that not only kept sailors happy :)
A few centuries later, when Laurence Graff stood on a property at the top of the Helshoogte Pass in 2003 , he found the view over Banghoek not frightening but electrifying . And so he quickly bought it, along with the surrounding vineyards. I would like to mention here that Mr. Graff has the necessary wherewithal as an entrepreneur and jeweler who has been able to work on some of the largest diamonds in the world under the family-run The House of Graff . In just 7 years, a state-of-the-art winery , two excellent restaurants and elegantly designed luxury lodges were created under his name. Another highlight is Laurence Graff's private art collection , which can be admired throughout the property.

But what makes Delaire Graff so special in terms of oenology ? The Banghoek Valley is characterized by a naturally diverse terroir: rolling hills and rugged mountain slopes, cool maritime influences and a diverse soil composition characterize the region's unique terroir. Added to this is the expertise of the two winemakers and winegrowers, Morné Vrey and Kallie Fernhout, who have been looking after Delaire Graff's vineyards for 12 years . With huge success:

"Since its founding in 2003, Delaire Graff Estate has become one of the most awarded wineries in the Southern Hemisphere. Earlier this year, World's Best Vineyards magazine named it one of the 50 Best Wineries for 2023, ranking it at No. 36 "This continued recognition is a testament to our pursuit of perfection , which is evident in our vineyards, in the winery and in all areas of the winery ."

  • Blick vom Weinberg auf die dramatische Landschaft entlang des Banghoek-Passes in Stellenbosch

    Beautiful panoramic postcard moments can be found behind every corner at Delaire Graff ♥

  • Exklusive Speisen im Restaurant von Delaire Graff: Jeder Teller ist ein Kunstwerk

    The combination of innovative cuisine and award-winning wines makes dining at Delaire Graff a special experience.

  • Die Winzer von Delaire Graff laufen durch die Weinreben

    Morné and Kallie know their vineyards very well. Thanks to their many years of expertise, a diverse, first-class wine portfolio is created.

Wines from Delaire Graff Estate

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