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Real People - Real Wine: "At MAN Family Wines, we didn't want high-end wines that cost a fortune. But we had pretty high standards (in our opinion) and wanted wines that we could enjoy with our friends , most of whom are also in in the wine industry. We were wine freaks looking for an everyday wine ."

Cultivation Info

Size: 2000 ha of all supplying wine farmers
Soils: Shale (Malmesbury), weathered granite soils
Special feature: Mainly as a traditional bushvine ("bush rebstock") without trellis training; almost all vineyards are not irrigated, which leads to low yields, but particularly tasty grapes. Thanks to its longstanding partner wine farms, MAN Wines has access to what is probably South Africa's largest contiguous acreage of Bushvine Chenin Blanc. No wonder Chenin Blanc makes up over 25% of the wine portfolio!

Weathered soil up to one meter deep ensures that the roots of the vines can develop ideally and are protected from excessive sun. At the same time, the soil ensures optimal water storage during dry periods. The floor and that
ideal climates between mountains and sea are the perfect ones
Requirements for the production of the exclusive wines of the MAN Family, which are now popular all over the world.

Annual production: 250,000 bottles, export to over 30 countries

Winemakers & team

Founding trio: Tyrrel & Philip Myburgh, José Conde
Winemaker: Riaan Möller
Winegrower's assistant: Mahalia Kotjane

The founding trio are well-known names in the South African wine world and have a lot of experience. While the brothers Philip & Tyrrel grew up on the family winery Jostenbeerg Wines, José is cellar master at Stark-Conde. Since 2016, the group has recruited the talented winemaker Riaan to strengthen the team on the oenological side and has enjoyed great success with their wines on a domestic and international level.

MAN = men's thing?

Who would guess that the company name MAN is actually dedicated to the wives of the founders? I was at least very surprised when I found out
that M for Marie , A for Anette and N for Nicky !
A very sweet idea, but at the same time the perfect excuse for the friends José, Tyrrel and Philip, who founded the winery in 2001. " Honey, don't be mad, I'm busy with my mates and our new project for now -
but hey, it's for you! Your name is behind the winery!"

From a weekend project to an international brand: The three of them started making wine in the old tractor shed in a completely non-standard way - the first 600 crates of Pinotage were probably enough reason to expand MAN Wines even further. The basis for the (worldwide) success is the close partnership with the surrounding winegrowers and vintners from whom MAN obtains its grapes. Tyrrel and José used to drive around every weekend to see the surrounding vineyards and talk to the winemakers. Although: José had to wait in the car because he didn't want to scare off the farmers with his (still) American accent! Therefore, Tyrrel led the negotiations and convinced the winemakers that MAN Wines deserved the best grapes and is a trustworthy partner.

Once the founders got down to business, the project eventually grew into a long-term collaboration with the wine growers, who are now shareholders in the company. Luckily, because it gives MAN Wines access to some of the best Bushvine vines in the country.

Despite the great international success, the founders remain true to their starting concept : Inspired by the beginnings in a garage, the 3 friends pursue an uncomplicated , simple approach to wine production: after all, the grapes speak for themselves!

  • The founders with the namesakes of MAN: on the left are José & Marie, in the middle Tyrrel and Anette and on the right Nicky and Philip.

  • The traditional Bushvine lives up to its name: Bushy growth that grows close to the ground instead of trellis.

  • Rian has everything under control and is a true juggling artist: After all, he takes care of 2 wineries (MAN & Lievland)!

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